Understanding Communication Styles

Understanding Communication Styles

Frustrated? Fed up? Don’t know where to start?

Do you often feel as if you are talking to a brick wall, despite pouring hour and hours into making sure your message is clear?

You’re certainly not alone!

The core success of your organization begins with clear and effective communication, but did you know that each of us has our own unique style of communicating?

Be sure to learn your style and the style of team members during this effective and interactive workshop. This event is perfect for HR professionals, team leaders, managers, and department heads!

Understanding Communication Styles

Improve your communication skills, increase your understanding, or just learn a little more about yourself and others!

During this interactive workshop, participants will gain insights into their own communication style, as well as the styles of others. We’ll use that insight to consider ways to adjust our styles so we can work more effectively with co-workers, outside vendors, and even family members!

Participants will leave with skills they can start using immediately!

Workshop Details:

June 12th, 2019

10:00 a.m. – noon

Michigan Planners Headquarters

59259 Van Dyke

Washington, MI 48094

COST: $0

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For questions, please contact Laura Van Houtte at
(810) 305 – 0845 or Lvanhoutte@miplanners.com


About the Presenter:

Amy Dixon, HR Professional

With 20+ years of progressive HR experience and 12+ years (5,000+ hours) of facilitation experience, Amy holds a true passion for teaching fellow HR professionals on communication. She has researched, developed, customized and presented classes on team building, communication, management, leadership, and personal effectiveness;

Certified in DISC, Crucial Conversations, Focus, 7 Habits, TTI, Lean, Intrinsic Coaching


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