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Our Roots

In 1962, ‘Papa’ Tony DiLorenzo founded Michigan Planners. Papa Tony’s personality has shone through in his original business approach that we still showcase today. He created our friendly and approachable take on customer service, always offering to go above and beyond for his clientele. His extremely hard work ethic based on loyalty and honesty allowed him to retain his clients long term and, even though he’s left the company in an official sense, we still maintain relationships with many of his original clients today. He instilled a sense of integrity into the company that proved how much pride he took in his work and we work hard to follow in his footsteps.

Papa Tony was able to ‘retire’ from Michigan Planners, but he’s still seen around the office from time to time. His killer sense of humor and personable attitude make him a favorite conversationalist both inside and outside the office. He’s a devoted family man, the proud papa of five grandkids who all die for his life changing pasta. He’s an exceptional host, dedicating to entertaining family, neighbors and friends up north on Platte Lake. If you’re not greeted with his smile at our office, you’ll most likely find him riding his bike, fishing, or taking a pontoon ride on the lake.


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