jennifer-marketWe know that purchasing Term Life coverage can be a complex, intimidating process. By using our Term Life link, you will find a simple and easy process to show quotes from some of the most highly rated and competitive carriers in the industry. Let Michigan Planners help you answer your questions and provide you with the coverage that is suited best for you and your family.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a less expensive type of insurance that provides a Death Benefit for a specific period, only paying a benefit if you die during the term. Most term policies require that evidence of insurability be furnished to qualify for the lowest available rates.  A benefit of term insurance is that since you are only paying for a death benefit premiums are generally lower than those for permanent insurance, allowing you to buy higher levels of coverage at a lower cost. On the other hand, coverage will terminate at the end of the term and the costs to renew are typically higher (since your age has increased). In conclusion term insurance offers coverage that is time-based over a specific amount of years (i.e.10yrs.), and is generally a much lower cost than permanent insurance.

We represent the multitude of carriers that you’ve grown to know and trust, but we also provide a go-between that will help ensure that all of your questions are answered and needs are met. Allow us to guide you through the process.


Ask yourself, would your family have enough to live on, pay off debts, and pay for costs to raise and educate your children if you were gone? Educate yourself now with our life calculator, glossary of terms and eight step process to obtain a quote.

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