Are you in good hands?

Are you in good hands?

In today’s world we have access to more data than we know what to do with. Have you leveraged this information to make sound health care decisions?
As open enrollment season approaches for many employer groups, we have an opportunity to educate consumers of health care on not only what preventive services they should be pursuing, but we should also take a moment to discuss provider quality.
Think about how you gather information today with regard to choosing a pediatrician for your child or a specialist for your knee. Like most of us, we rely on the feedback of people that we know, as well as their experiences. I often also see some people take to Facebook groups seeking advice for things like this, which turns into a shouting match of who can advocate or complain the loudest through social media.
The reality of the situation is there are excellent sources of information that provide quality metrics for hospitals and providers across the country. Start by leveraging your medical insurance carrier and their website. Most carriers offer quality metrics, along site cost information, allowing consumers to see the full picture. Further, insurance carriers today are changing how providers are to do business, in the sense that a doctor is no longer compensated solely on the number of bodies he or she sees in their office, but also the outcomes that they are able to help control. We all want the best for our family members. Do not skimp out on finding the best physicians. Align yourself with the ones who are held to a higher standard and continuously deliver. Trade comfort and convenience for quality!

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Matt Cole, Vice President, Client Strategy    

Matt Cole brings a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Health and Benefits industry.  He was most recently the Manager of New Business Sales and Growth for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and also served in a variety of roles within Aon Hewitt – one of the nation’s largest Health and Welfare consulting practices. Matt focuses on market trends, carrier contracting, network and product evolution, and optimization of benefit plans.  He specializes in working with customers to create and identify long-term strategies  that are both competitive and comprehensive by design.

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