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As our industry continues to evolve, we at Michigan Planners have recognized that peer agencies continue to face market pressures and uncontrollable revenue impacts, which cause them to leave the legacy of their businesses in jeopardy. The employee benefits industry has seen over a 200% increase in market consolidation and acquisition over the last four years compared to the previous four years. This has been heavily driven by large publicly traded entities, along with private equity firms investing in our industry.

Michigan Planners prides itself on maintaining a private ownership model where the service to our clients and their employees will always remain our first priority. We have built a foundation for growth and service that allows sustainability for our organization and those agency peers who are looking for stability and long-term support for their clients.

We offer a wide array of partnership options that range from maintaining 100% agency ownership to a complete sale acquisition into our Michigan Planners umbrella organization. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how to preserve your income stream, your client base, and how to secure your future…whether it be through partnership or purchase.

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