Gym memberships, cell phones, and groceries… Let’s start saving some money

Gym memberships, cell phones, and groceries… Let’s start saving some money

This week we transition into getting the most out of your health insurance and, more specifically,

your Blue Cross card (since roughly 60-75% of the folks who read my weekly posts carry a Blue Cross card).


What do I mean? I am talking about reaping some of the many financial benefits that come with insurance cards these days. Let’s face it – most of you are probably spending a few thousand dollars a year in annual payroll contributions, and if you never use the benefit, those dollars are vanishing without any return. Today we game plan to take back some of those dollars by leveraging programs available to Blue Cross members.

Ask yourself the following questions, and if any are applicable, there is money being left on the table:

Do you have a gym membership?

Do you have a cell phone?

Do you shop for groceries?

Are you buying or refinancing your home soon?

If you somehow answered no to these questions, then you can stop reading for this week, but chances are, I should still have 100% of my audience.

So here’s the deal: If you are paying more than $25 a month for a gym membership, you are paying too much. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan partners with several gyms, including L.A fitness and Snap Fitness, and for the very reasonable price of $25/month, you can access any of their partnered gyms across the country.

Sprint phone plan? If you are not getting a discount, then you are missing out on 10% that is made available just by carrying your card.

Want 5-10% off your grocery bill? Check out the website, and see if stores where you shop participate.

How does $500 off a home purchase or refinance sound?

The numbers can add up quickly. Save a few hundred dollars off your gym membership, another hundred or two off your cell phone bill, and if your kids eat as much as mine, another several hundred on your grocery bills. While we haven’t solved the healthcare crisis and our government can’t seem to create meaningful reform, we can at least reap the rewards of the purchasing power carriers have created through discount programs. Check out the hundreds of savings opportunities available by viewing the link below.

Blue Cross Deals

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Matt Cole, Vice President, Client Strategy

Matt Cole brings a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Health and Benefits industry.  He was most recently the Manager of New Business Sales and Growth for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and also served in a variety of roles within Aon Hewitt – one of the nation’s largest Health and Welfare consulting practices. Matt focuses on market trends, carrier contracting, network and product evolution, and optimization of benefit plans.  He specializes in working with customers to create and identify long-term strategies  that are both competitive and comprehensive by design.

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