The employer sponsored health plan renewal process is one filled with changes at virtually every turn, from price competition to network access to affordable plan designs.  The challenges are aplenty.

Perhaps the greatest challenge lies near the finish line, in translating all of your hard work into a positive, educational summary of the selected programs to your employees and their dependents.  Oftentimes the process can be akin to a treadmill workout, where you are running very hard, but not necessarily getting anywhere.  At the same time, your employees are looking at their required contributions, for the coverages they are getting, and wondering how this is possibly a good deal for them.  The best cure for this, is a simplified yet very strategic approach to open enrollment education, inclusive of the spouse whenever possible.

The team at Michigan Planners has worked on balancing just the right amount of plan information, so that employees understand the variances between plans without being overwhelmed with plan minutia or industry speak that only leads to confusion.  Our virtual open enrollment meetings can be shared simultaneously with spouses or replayed at a later time in the comfort of the employees’ home, with their spouse in attendance.  They can also be accessed at a later date via MI Employee Navigator, as a refresher before services are going to be rendered.

In addition to plan information, the Michigan Planners team will help educate your employee team, as to how to be a better consumer of the healthcare plans that you provide.  In life, knowledge is power.  In healthcare, knowledge can save your employees hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the course of the plan year.

The Michigan Planners team will educate your employees and their dependents on consumer tools such as telemedicine, transparency / price comparison sites, prescription drug shopping tools and much more.  In addition, the MI E-Benefits team will help your employees download the best health care consumer apps, so that all of the knowledge we bring to them, can be utilized at the swipe of a screen.


Michigan Planners truly puts the “benefit” back into the employee benefits programs.  

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