Summer is here….Now is the time!

Summer is here….Now is the time!

It’s summer, don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

Spring has officially ended, bringing forth time for outside fun with family and friends, as well as an upcoming celebration of our nation’s independence. Schools are no longer in session, and vacation travels have already begun.

Many clients who renew their health care plans in January set the cruise control for the next few months, gearing up for the gauntlet of renewal discussions and open enrollment meetings, but now is a great time to set your organization up for success.

One of the nation’s largest health insurers released some statistics indicating that several favorable items are on the horizon for the majority of their fully insured customers. Specifically, many customers can expect to see very low single digit renewal increases for January of 2019. At first pass, this may seem like great news for you, the client, and if you are happy receiving this small increase, by all means enjoy the renewal and hope the trend continues.

For those who want to take control of their health care spend, an opportunity presents itself – one that involves reviewing your specific data and beginning the journey to move to a self-funded financial solution which will allow for almost limitless plan creativity and optimal financial control. 

This is the time to truly understand why that increase is so low compared to previous years. Take a peak under the microscope, and decide if you want to continue to see 20-40% of your health care spend go somewhere besides care for your employees or back into your budget.

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Matt Cole Vice President, Client Strategy

Matt doesn’t think of himself as a salesperson, despite having supported the sale of several clients – both small and large – throughout his career. Geeked about numbers, but passionate for growth, he devises programs for those private and public entities that desire strategic direction, clear paths, and objective feedback. Matt brings more than 12 years of industry experience in plan design and cost efficiency. Before joining Michigan Planners, he served as a sales manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, as well as worked for a national consulting firm on client management, actuarial work and compliance.

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