The Transformed Arena

The Transformed Arena

2018 Healthcare Game Changers

At no surprise to financial stakeholders, the banking industry will continue to experience disruption, as the result of technological progressions. The traditional transactions through human tellers and solid handshakes have been challenged – and innovated – by voice capabilities and online experiences.

The world of healthcare has been shaken just as equally, and the below three game changes will continue to advance the way in which banks cultivate and influence their human capital, in order to keep up with the healthcare arena.


Employee Engagement: As we saw in the not too distant past, mobile banking became a household practice, replacing the need to leave home for cash checking and balance verification. The same holds true for physician services. We anticipate the use of teledoc visits to increase, as the sophistication and expansion of services, including mental health, improves. Mobile transactions will become a norm, allowing for provider price comparisons, claim statuses, deductible accumulation’s, and provider directories, and premium payments.


Strategic Planning: Your board will show its nod of approval knowing that greater predictability of bottom line changes and rate influencers is available.  Claims reporting will meet the needs of your most sophisticated analyst, while also drilling down well enough to develop 3-5 year action plans that are aimed at controlling spend and better defining a predictable healthcare budget. These capabilities lead to earlier planning and less frustrated benefit managers.


Technological Tides: Connecting your branches at the management and department level will be better had through the use of sophisticated and affordable HR platforms. Such packages seek to connect teams through virtual directories, video capabilities, educational campaigns, and video messaging. Aligning branches with unified healthcare message will be satisfied through shared intranets and web meetings.

As you look to move past your competitors, placing significant emphasis on growing your human capital and seizing relevant paths will be inevitable. Leverage key partners with proper backend support and concrete experience to develop and execute your plan of attack.


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