Drug Testing in Today’s Era

Drug Testing in Today’s Era

Drug Testing In Today’s Era with Clark Hill Law. Confused about your rights, obligations, and procedures? Join us at the Michigan Planners headquarters on September 18th to learn about this important topic.

Michigan Planners Headquarters

59259 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48094

What will you learn? Walk away with several considerations as it relates to drug testing in the workplace…

  • How do you test without violating individual rights, but while also ensuring the safety of your workforce?
  • Common employer questions, challenges, and testing procedures
  • The impact of state Marijuana laws on drug testing in the workplace
  • What about oils, creams, or edibles?
  • Maintaining employee safety: behaviors to be aware of and proper steps or protocol to adhere to
  • What protections are there, if any, for illegal drug users and reformed drug users under federal and state law?

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For questions, please contact
Laura Van Houtte at (810) 305 – 0845 or Lvanhoutte@miplanners.com


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